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I'm a programmer and lecturer. My work is related to programming in Python/PHP/JavaScript and designing systems and solutions related to AI/machine learning, data mining, big data and natural language processing.

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E-learning course: Machine learning – how to use the potential of data to get better results and make smart decisions

Posted on 3 January 2024  in lectures

Course scenario:

  1. Definition and applications of machine learning
    • Data deluge and the definition of machine learning
    • Machine learning examples and related fields of knowledge
    • Types of machine learning
  2. Machine learning tools used in the course
    • Programs used in the course
    • Orange Data Mining
    • Jupyter Lab
  3. Supervised machine learning
    • Machine learning process
    • Data collection, labeling and analysis
    • Feature engineering and division into training and testing sets
    • Model training and evaluation
    • Model export, corrective actions
    • Regression example
    • Classification example

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