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I'm a programmer and lecturer. My work is related to programming in Python/PHP/JavaScript and designing systems and solutions related to AI/machine learning, data mining, big data and natural language processing.

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PHPCon Conference 17-18.11.2023 Zawiercie

Posted on 18 November 2023  in events

ML with PHP – replace complex business logic with machine learning models

Abstract: Have you ever encountered code with so many conditions and processing paths that it was almost impossible to maintain and extend? What if we replaced it with an automatically generated, self-improving algorithm? In recent years, machine learning as a field of artificial intelligence has become an effective tool for creating systems and applications. With the development of artificial neural networks, programming complex business rules and services based on prediction and classification can be replaced by pre-trained machine learning models. In this presentation, you will see a case study illustrating the potential of PHP in integrating machine learning. We will walk through the process of creating a classifier and placing it in a PHP-based project.

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System to collect networking and finance data about German companies

Posted on 1 July 2017  in projects

Pictures from moneyhouse.de


Web application to collect networking and finance data about German companies.


  • Implementing data mining tools and parsers using deterministic algorithms and deep learning models
  • creating fast and efficient search engine
  • carrying out integration with external platforms, APIs, web-services
  • working with Selenium, automation of acceptance, integration, functional and unit tests, TDD
  • conducting data analysis using Python, R
  • server environment setup and configuration

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