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I'm a programmer and lecturer. My work is related to programming in Python/PHP/JavaScript and designing systems and solutions related to AI/machine learning, data mining, big data and natural language processing.

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AI chatbot for analysing companies source documents

Posted on 26 May 2024  in projects


AI-based chatbot for retrieving reliable, up to date and precise information about companies.
Chatbot is based on streamlit framework and uses vector database based on postgres pg_vector extension to store and access trade register documents.
Application is using large language model (LLM) Llama3 together with retrieval augmented generation (RAG) approach which allows to ask and get response to any question related company and managers history as well as financial condition and important changes.
Together with response also source documents are listed making this approach reliable business intelligence tool.


  • build application prototype
  • implement application code parts
  • implement authentication mechanism
  • specify and coordinate works related to building chatbot interactions
  • specify and coordinate works related to sychronizing in real time source documents and make them accessible for LLM
  • measure answers quality

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Tag: RAG

E-learning course: Machine learning – how to use the potential of data to get better results and make smart decisions

Posted on 3 January 2024  in lectures

Course scenario:

  1. Definition and applications of machine learning
    • Data deluge and the definition of machine learning
    • Machine learning examples and related fields of knowledge
    • Types of machine learning
  2. Machine learning tools used in the course
    • Programs used in the course
    • Orange Data Mining
    • Jupyter Lab
  3. Supervised machine learning
    • Machine learning process
    • Data collection, labeling and analysis
    • Feature engineering and division into training and testing sets
    • Model training and evaluation
    • Model export, corrective actions
    • Regression example
    • Classification example

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