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I'm a programmer and lecturer. My work is related to programming in Python/PHP/JavaScript and designing systems and solutions related to AI/machine learning, data mining, big data and natural language processing.

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E-learning course: Machine learning – how to use the potential of data to get better results and make smart decisions

Posted on 3 January 2024  in lectures

Course scenario:

  1. Definition and applications of machine learning
    • Data deluge and the definition of machine learning
    • Machine learning examples and related fields of knowledge
    • Types of machine learning
  2. Machine learning tools used in the course
    • Programs used in the course
    • Orange Data Mining
    • Jupyter Lab
  3. Supervised machine learning
    • Machine learning process
    • Data collection, labeling and analysis
    • Feature engineering and division into training and testing sets
    • Model training and evaluation
    • Model export, corrective actions
    • Regression example
    • Classification example

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API in data mining – laboratories at the Collegium da Vinci

Posted on 1 October 2021  in lectures

The “API in data mining” course aims to familiarize students with the tools, libraries and cloud solutions used in data mining. During the course, students will acquire the necessary skills to design complete applications that use cloud-based services to process and collect data. They will gain the ability to integrate and communicate between libraries and data mining tools. The contents of the module introduce you to the basic terms and concepts related to modern data processing pipeline architecture. After completing the course, participants will gain the basic skills necessary to use advanced tools and techniques in working with data and to design and implement cloud-based applications for data processing and collection.

Definition of API and data mining concepts, application of API in data mining
Cloud computing challenges,ETL and ELT
Specificity of the organization and roles related to working with data.
The structure of applications using machine learning models and big data-related services.
Integration with big data and machine learning services within AWS / Google Cloud AI.
Designing a data processing pipeline using websites to process and collect data.
Data import and preparation, data storage and structuring
Creating a data Lake, creating a data warehouse
Big Data processing
Scaling, containerization and microservices architecture in modern dev and prod env

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System to collect networking and finance data about German companies

Posted on 1 July 2017  in projects

Pictures from moneyhouse.de


Web application to collect networking and finance data about German companies.


  • Implementing data mining tools and parsers using deterministic algorithms and deep learning models
  • creating fast and efficient search engine
  • carrying out integration with external platforms, APIs, web-services
  • working with Selenium, automation of acceptance, integration, functional and unit tests, TDD
  • conducting data analysis using Python, R
  • server environment setup and configuration

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