I work as Lead Software Engineer. My key skills include:

  • implementing core functionalities of ERP/CRM systems and web applications using PHP and JavaScript frameworks
  • programming mobile apps for Android(Java) and iOS(Objective C, Swift) platforms
  • creating database structure and queries:postgreSQL, SQLight, mongoDB, Cassandra (distributed DB)
  • designing software modules using design patterns, planning work for dev team and choosing optimal technologies, libraries and tools
  • Implementing data mining tools and parsers using deterministic algorithms and deep learning models
  • carrying out integration with external platforms, APIs, web-services
  • working with Selenium, automation of acceptance, integration, functional and unit tests, TDD
  • managing a team of developers, team working
  • conducting data analysis using Python, R
  • server environment setup and configuration
  • using version control systems Git
  • staying sharp with new technologies, tools and innovations
Check out my projects Work experience

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  • 03.2016 - now: lectures at Collegium Da Vinci, "Content management systems in web portals", supervise the study module
  • 09.2014 - 02.2016: lectures on Warsaw Higher School of Information Technology, topic: "Business information systems, advanced application solutions"
  • 04/2015: hackathon with haptic technology: Hapticathon role: mobile development and haptic technology specialist

In my work I implement and design core modules of CRM/ERP systems and web applications using technologies PHP, Python, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Java and many others. I specialise in systems architecture. I create also mobile applications for Android and iOS. I have experience in programming data processing algorithms and APIs for web services. Programming is my passion. In my free time, I read about new technologies and innovations and integrating them into my projects. As a member of Poznań IT specialists community, I stay sharp with new technologies by attending IT meetings and conferences. As my hobby, I work with Raspberry Pi device, peripheral sensors and microchips, turning my place into smart home. When I'm not programming I like to do some sports, especially swimming and squash. Sometimes I participate in marathons and triathlons. I like mountains, both hiking in the summer and winter snowboarding. I spend evenings exploring the science of information technology and physics.